Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wifi & 3G

$279.99 $229.99

The Apple 16GB tablet comes cased in White with a wide screen for better viewing. The screen on the Apple iPad measures 9.7 inches and gives a more lifelike picture with high quality graphic technology. This mini tablet is designed with a 5-MP camera and an AirPlay for your music, videos, and photo sharing through other devices such as your computer or television. One feature the makers of the Apple tablet were sure to include is the application Store so the user can make his or her experience customized to fit his or her needs. He or she can browse thousands of applications to download on his or her device. When tired of pressing options, the user can simply speak into the Apple iPad and it functions as the user speaks. This allows someone to type, perform a search, or any other function needed through dictation on this mini tablet. This tablet encompasses many language capabilities and special fonts to meet the needs of all users.

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